Knight Matt Hayes organized a night of caroling for residents of a local nursing home.  
From Matt: 
Many thanks to all you for your singing and/or support in making last night a very successful evening.   We proved how horrible singing can still bring joy and laughter.
I look forward to next year and no fear of being in large groups, etc.  Many more will come next year if they hear from us how much fun we had.   It would be awesome to send a group to every home in our parish jurisdiction on the same evening.  
It was so important for the kids to see the residents and their reactions.  The rest of the evening, our kids were asking about why some smiled, some cried and some laid there still, but seemed to be mouthing the words or smiling with their whole face.  They questioned why some were so young and some had braces or helmets.  They really enjoyed it and knew the residents were happy to see us. 
I attached the only pic I got that wasn't blurred.  Imagine how cute the view must have been from the rooms!
Maybe the windows filtered the sound and made us sound angelic?  I can only hope.  
Thanks again and let's keep all those people in our prayers this Christmas!