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Once again, the Colorado State Council is sponsoring the annual CRAZR ticket fundraiser.  This is the State Council’s only fundraiser, excluding their semi-annual assessments made to all councils in Colorado.
The State Council is requesting that each council sell a minimum of 60 tickets for $10.00 per ticket.  If that level is reached, State will credit our semiannual assessments $0.50 per assessable member, or a total of $1.00 per member per year.  We currently have about 80 assessable members.  Our council also retains $2.00 for every $10.00 ticket sold.
Last year, our council sold 77 tickets (78 the year before), all of which were purchased by members.  Most members elected to have any winnings go directly to our council.  As it turned out, we had winning tickets that netted our council $87.30 ($273.33 for prior year), plus we retained 20% of the $770 from tickets sold, or $154.00.  After minor expenses, we added a total of $231.30 ($423.78 for prior year) to our operating funds and our State assessments were less than they otherwise would have been by about $100.00.
Beginning in 2020, some members expressed concern about certain NFL policies those members found unpatriotic and disrespectful. The main concern was that ticket sales could be viewed as creating an association between the Knights and the NFL that might be interpreted by some as an endorsement of those offensive policies. Another view expressed was that the NFL receives no part of the proceeds from this fundraiser.  NFL scores are merely used as a method to generate random numbers that determine winning tickets for each of the last 10 weeks of the regular NFL season.  Selling tickets is not an endorsement of any NFL policies and use of NFL scores for this purpose is a very weak promotion for the NFL, if any.
We believe every view deserves respect.  So, below are your options if you would like to participate this year.
  1. Call or email Bob Scott (303-522-7185, with the number of tickets you would like to buy.
  2. Bob will fill out the tickets, mail them in, and retain the stubs, unless you specifically tell him to mail the stubs to you.
  3. You may enter anyone you choose, but you will need to provide Bob their name, address, email and phone number.  Bob has that information for all members, so if you want to enter your own name, just tell him that.
  4. If you want the entry in the name of Council 13301, tell Bob that and he will not need any further information.
  5. You may pay by cash, check or credit card, but do not mail cash to Bob.  Mail checks to Bob at 9132 E. Harvard Avenue, Denver, CO 80231-7647.
  6. If you want to use a credit or debit card, CALL Bob on the number above with your credit card information rather than including it in an email (to avoid any security risks) and he will process your payment using  or go to our web-site, and pay using Paypal or your debit or credit card.  Choose the option for “Donate”.  Bob will know it’s for tickets.
  7. If you want to sell tickets to non-members, let Bob know and he will arrange to get you a supply for that purpose.
Tickets may be sold/purchased through October 06, 2021, but everything needs to be mailed in to State on October 07. 
Thank you
Bob Scott

Parish Festival

Dear Parish Festival volunteers,
Thank you for making the time to volunteer at our parish festival last weekend! It was a lot of fun and a great success! I loved seeing the kids run around with smiles on their faces, and the adults visiting with one another.
At Risen Christ, we are deliberately trying to build up a parish culture of Prayer, Community, and Discipleship. Your involvement in this event directly contributed to our efforts of building up stronger Community rooted in the joy of the Risen Lord. Your service at the festival was a great blessing to me and to the entire parish! 
Many blessings to you and your loved ones!
Yours in Christ,
Fr. Scott
PS - The mischievous side of me wants to get some volunteers next year to be the parish festival GREETERS - like the guys in this goofy video! (ignore the first 25 seconds of advertisement)
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Fish Fry at Culver's To Benefit the KofC's 2021-02-14 07:00:00Z 0

Knights Sing Christmas Carols To Nursing Home

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Knight Matt Hayes organized a night of caroling for residents of a local nursing home.  
From Matt: 
Many thanks to all you for your singing and/or support in making last night a very successful evening.   We proved how horrible singing can still bring joy and laughter.
I look forward to next year and no fear of being in large groups, etc.  Many more will come next year if they hear from us how much fun we had.   It would be awesome to send a group to every home in our parish jurisdiction on the same evening.  
It was so important for the kids to see the residents and their reactions.  The rest of the evening, our kids were asking about why some smiled, some cried and some laid there still, but seemed to be mouthing the words or smiling with their whole face.  They questioned why some were so young and some had braces or helmets.  They really enjoyed it and knew the residents were happy to see us. 
I attached the only pic I got that wasn't blurred.  Imagine how cute the view must have been from the rooms!
Maybe the windows filtered the sound and made us sound angelic?  I can only hope.  
Thanks again and let's keep all those people in our prayers this Christmas!  
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Non-Event Fundraiser

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The pandemic has prevented our council from conducting our normal fund-raising activities during 2020.  Consequently, we have very limited funds available for the charitable contributions we normally make each year.  Attached is a list of the organizations that have received donations from us in the past. These donations were primarily funded by our annual golf fund-raiser, fish fries, and member donations.
If we are unable to raise charitable funds this year, we will have to significantly shorten the list of beneficiaries for 2020 and, compared to prior years, significantly reduce amounts contributed to those organizations that we determine will receive at least some amount from us for 2020.
To mitigate our present shortage of charitable funds, we are soliciting contributions from our members and past sponsors of our annual golf events.  All contributions received by us for this “non-event” fund-raiser will be restricted for donation to 501(c)(3) charities included on our list.  The allocation of available funds to individual organizations will depend on the total amount that becomes available, but in any event, will be finalized by a vote of our membership.
To contribute to our NON-EVENT FUNDRAISER, make your check for any amount you choose, payable to Knights of Columbus Council 13301 and mail it to:
Robert L. Scott, Financial Secretary
KofC Council 13301
9132 E. Harvard Avenue
Denver, CO  80231  

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